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  I’m thankful for a warm house, with electricity and running water and two bathrooms; heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer; nice but not new furniture, mattresses and good bedding; way too many clothes in walk-in closets; books and magazines and newspapers and Bibles of every […]

Non-Disposable Phones

My mother gave me my Uncle Otis’ crank wall phone recently. It’s a wooden box just like the ones you see in the movies—hangs on the wall with a handle you turn, an earpiece, and a mouthpiece. I remember being fascinated with it when I saw it hanging on his […]

Heaven Is Real

I learned about Heaven and angels and Jesus when I was a little girl in Sunday school. We sang songs about Heaven, so I have always known that Heaven is real. “I’m going to Heaven, I’m going there when I die I’m going to Heaven in the sweet, sweet bye […]

Best Friend

Who’s your best friend? In high school, there was a gang of us that hung around together. About five of us, including my sister, went everywhere together. Sandy got her car first, and I got mine soon after, and we transported all our friends to ball games and “draggin’ Main.” […]