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Home is Where the Heart is

I have lived in Vinita, Oklahoma, all my life. I went off to college in Tulsa for one year but came home frequently on the weekends. Then I worked a year, commuting to junior college in Miami, Oklahoma, before marrying and moving to Okmulgee Tech school 100 miles away from […]

Cooking Pancakes

My mama had a lady friend who came to town about once a year and spent a few days with us. We kids had to carefully obey Mama when she was there because she expected strict obedience. She expected us to call her “ma’am.” We girls were given the privilege […]

Natural Beauty

My college roommate and I are still close after all these years and when we visit each other, it is just like old times. Even though we are so very different from each other, what we have in common is our love for Jesus and His word. She has the […]

My Time In History

This morning I started the water in the washer, poured in the liquid detergent, and put in the permanent press uniform pants. When the cycle finished, I threw the clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet. When they were dry, I hung them on a hanger, and hung them […]