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My Little Dog

  Waylon, my dachshund-pinscher dog,  is a Katrina survivor, brought into Oklahoma City after the flood with other animals and people. My daughter adopted him at a shelter and when she came to live with us  for a short while, she brought him and another dog with her. My husband […]

Vinita Trains

 ‘Waiting on a train’ is a good excuse in my hometown if you don’t use it every day. No one questions it, because it happens to everyone. Trains are a fact of life in Vinita, Oklahoma, a railroad town built at the junction of two train tracks in 1871. Every […]

God of the Now

            Let the past be the past, let it go.             Let the now be the now, let it flow.             Do not linger in the past,             No longer live in fear.             Let the past be the past, let it go.         There is no past as far as God […]

Study the Bible

  Every year when school was out, the other kids could be found playing baseball, roller-skating, riding bikes, or swinging, but I was inside reading a book. I got my first library card when I was in the 3rd grade at 8 years old. If you come to my home […]