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Anointed to Sew

My sewing machine is sitting on my dining table, patiently awaiting the moment I turn it on. Considering how much I love to sew, it seems strange that it has been sitting untouched for weeks. I learned to sew through five years of Home Economics in junior high and high […]

He Knows What I Need

You know you need a new bed when you dream about it. Last night, I dreamed I was visiting a centuries-old castle in Europe, where the handsome Count and the staff catered to my every desire. After a gourmet dinner, the host and I retired to the library with four […]

Putting Love Into Action

Now that the Valentine’s Day TV commercials are over, husbands all over the U.S. can breathe a sigh of relief. They have lived through another year of diamond advertisements. Yes, Valentine’s Day is too commercialized, as all holidays are now. Yes, it is a gimmick, a way to sell flowers, […]

Memories of Money

My first memory of money is of giving at church. I remember when I was a little girl, after Sunday School, we had a Penny March. All the little kids marched single file, pushing, shoving, around the altar and dropped their few pennies into the collection plate. On our birthday, […]