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Hometown Memories

Grandpa Ela T. Swift was one of the cowboys in the group that hung out with Will Rogers when he came to visit Vinita, Ok. in 1934. He told them, “Have a rodeo in Vinita next year and I’ll come back.” But he and Wiley Post died that year in an airplane […]

Tearing Down the Old

I stood with the townsfolk at the corner watching the burning building, my heart heavy remembering. I was born there, in Dr. McMillan’s office in that building on the hottest day of the year in 1949. When I was in junior high school, we girls stopped after school at a […]

Set Apart For Destiny

Grandmother claimed she was a quarter Cherokee, but her family was not on the Indian Dawes rolls of 1894-1914. Grandmother Hightower looked like an Indian—black hair, brown  eyes, high cheekbones, but we were her little blond white grandchildren. We have been working on our family tree since 1973, athought our […]

Just a Shell

     My 8-year-old grandson and I found empty cicada shells on the patio, split down the back, with the feet still attached to the columns. “Oh, the poor bug is dead,” he said. “No, he is still alive,” I told him. “He grew a new shell and slipped out of his […]