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The Fruit of My Ground

    My 7-year-old grandson and I planted lettuce and spinach seed last week in 2 whiskey barrels and some big pots and we were so proud of ourselves. Then a friend told me I was already 2 weeks behind. Lettuce should have been planted in February. At our other […]

All About Jesus

     My grandson and I painted ceramics this week. We painted a decorated Easter egg, two little ceramic Easter baskets, and an Easter egg with a chick sticking his head out. Engraved on the egg were the words “Just out” which my grandson colored different colors. I dug out […]

Wide-Open Road in the Wilderness

    This week I have been hearing a repeated thud on my 6-foot-wide picture window that overlooks the covered patio. It must have been several times before the sound penetrated my consciousness enough to make me wonder what it was. I opened the door to see if someone was […]